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No more fighting over the remote?

There are various reasons

The customer is always replaceable
one might want to live in the U.K. — the weather, the food — oh, and the British. If you’re a fan of the TV show 24, anxiously awaiting the next season, here’s another one.

Wall Street Journal

Do you shop at Best Buy? Have you ever returned anything? Then take your business elsewhere. The CEO doesn’t want you as a customer anymore.

Heard it on my hoodie

You can just see the new edicts being issued at primary schools across North America and Europe: Kids, when you come to class, don’t forge to turn off your clothes.

As long as no one knocks them off
Yahoo! News

And don’t forget to turn off your socks. That battery won’t last forever, you know.

Just hold me

Technology has finally come up with a really reliable way to replace humans: the robot pillow. Great for one you really don’t want to have to hug Grandma.

Please hammers, don’t hurt ’em
The Register

Apparently the Spaniards could use a few of those robot pillows. They’re so fed up with technology they’re paying money to smash it to bits.

Can’t you give them something for effort?
Daily Star

Who needs to actually get an “”A”” on a test when you’re smart enough to change the marks on the database?

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