Elsewhere is a roundup of unusual technology stories from around the world

All that money spent on violin lessons wasted
BBC News

Scientists at the University of Leeds in England are working on ways to capture body movement electronically, allowing users to create music by waving their arms and shaking their booties. It might also serve as a computer interface to, for example, scroll Web pages.

Not nearly as much fun as shooting out the tires

The world’s most trusted police force, (irony alert) the LAPD, has commissioned a device that uses an electrical beam to scramble the onboard computers on vehicles that are being stopped, causing fuel-injected vehicles to stall. Other police forces in the U.S. and Britain are also looking into the technology.

The only secure computer is one that doesn’t work
The Register

A wag at The Register pointed out that iPods aren’t the only threat to the security of your data. He outlines some truly chilling data theft techniques and a five-point plan to secure your enterprise.

Sorry … I don’t really understand this
New Scientist

Stephen Hawking has done an about-face on the nature of black holes, suggesting that maybe they don’t destroy everything they gobble up. Beyond that, there’s a bunch of astrophysics and quantum mechanics I just can’t wrap my head around.

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