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The people trying to rope everyone into joining their little online communities apparently have gotten it all

Like infrared mice, but meaner
wrong. Now it’s all about who you can exclude.


Rats are one thing. But remote-controlled live rats are entirely another. The possibilities are just too frightening for words.

Don’t mess with Jobs

Steve Jobs has a little meltdown about a biography written about him called iCon.

Press 1 to reaffirm your commitment to the revolution

If you thought Bell Canada’s automated voice service Emily was annoying, try calling the Venezuelan oil ministry. Before getting connected you first have to listen to a rant about the ways of the imperialist pig (that would be the U.S.).

Chicken or the fish? No wait, don’t tell me

And you thought that movie with Aussie beefcake Mel Gibson What Women Want in which he can read their minds was just plain stupid. It was, but apparently reading someone’s thought is now a possibility.

Moore’s Law of money
L.A. Times

Remember we told you how Intel was looking for that original magazine story about Moore’s Law? Being a packrat has finally paid off for one guy.

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