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Come fly away with me – and my data
The Register

Next time you want to scope out some corporate secrets, don’t worry about investing in all that expensive high-tech Maxwell smart gear. Just go to the Internet kiosks at your local airport and check the sent file.

Mobile nose best

Ever wonder if you smell? Soon you’ll be able to ask your cell phone and it will give you an honest answer.

Can’t stop the music
Yahoo! News

Steve Jobs, the name behind all those over-priced Apple products, is accusing the record industry of being greedy. In other words, the pot has just called the kettle black.

Help wanted with the help wanted
Wired News

If your friends suddenly start bugging you to apply for certain jobs, it’s probably not just out of the goodness of their heart – a new online service pays people cash for recruiting friends and acquaintances for jobs.

Hear here
Yahoo! News

The image of someone “sniffing” your Internet surfing is disconcerting enough. Now you have to be worried about them listening to it as well.

Bird call
Wired News

It can now be said that everybody and their dog – no, make that their bird – has a cell phone.

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