IT Business Elsewhere: Happiness is being German

IT Business Elsewhere is a look at unusual technology stories from around the world.

We have ways of making you cheerful
The Register

Don’t even think about whining on the job if you want to work for this German IT outfit.

Castle Duffield

Whoever said size doesn’t matter wasn’t, apparently, familiar with the egos in the IT industry. PeopleSoft’s founder is planning a few additions to his modest home.

Air Google
Wall St. Journal

And here’s another story in the same vein. Best Google search term? Excess. See also: enormous private jet.

Campus trackers keep tabs on students
Yahoo news/AP

There have always been many good reasons for geeks to grace the halls of MIT. Now there’s another one.

Apple bandwagon picks up speed

So you think you’re all hot and hip just because you have an iPod Nano? Give it a couple of months. You’ll be as obsolete as an eight-track.

Doctor bills for eye strain not included
Yahoo news/USA Today

Amazon is turning the page on book retailing with an online reading option.


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