IT Business Elsewhere: Hail to the chief architect

IT Business Elsewhere is a collection of unusual technology stories from around the world.

An audience with the exalted one from Redmond

University of Waterloo students who wanted the opportunity to touch Bill Gates’ robe, at least metaphorically speaking, had to prove in writing their worthiness.

Outsource this

If there’s one thing this story proves, it’s that other people are usually much better at running your life than you are.

Bowled over by the future of recycling

Dinner will be ready in five minutes. I just have to make the dishes.

Wal-Mart knows where you live
The Register

Texans already have a lot to worry about. Now they’re convinced big business spying on them via RFID chips.

Do the cell phone strut

Forget biometrics – these phones won’t work unless you literally walk the right walk.

Seriously expensive gear R Us
New York Times (registration required)

What do kids want for Christmas this year? Drop the dolls and the action figures. This generation wants their own video projectors.

Sweet sounds

Speaking of gadgets, Jerry Seinfeld would feel seriously betrayed if he knew what today’s Pez dispensers are actually dispensing: MP3s.


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