IT Business Elsewhere: Google’s secret acquisition

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Too much e-information
SF Gate

Everyone knows it’s not safe to drink and drive. But it’s equally perilous to get behind a PC or BlackBerry while under the influence, as some have found out the hard way.

Cupertino bound

Hopefully this pilgrimage for Mac fanatics won’t be quite as fraught with danger as the trip to Mecca has been this year for Muslims.

Google kept Canadian software company acquisition quiet
The Register

Speaking of Mecca, now the world knows what Canadians have known now for years: the True North is a high-tech haven.

Phones may be linked to terrorist cells
ABC News

Next time you’re standing next to someone who buys a disposable cell phone, you should probably call CSIS because they’re probably a terrorist, at least according to this story.

Pot for sale: as advertised on your cell phone
Globe Technology

Here’s a salient piece of advice if you’re buying drugs: don’t take digipix of them and store them on your cell phone.

Big spender iPodders are law-abiding downloaders, survey says
The Register

iPod owners are the least likely to pirate music, according to this story. But because they’re more willing to part with their cash than non-iPodders,

Infrared device communicates with the blink of an eye

Who needs cell phones when you have this technology?


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