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Cash in hand
Yahoo! News


that be cash, charge, or your finger? That’s what the patrons at a German supermarket are being asked, now that biometric fingerscanning has been brought in.

Skin deep

You can put on layer after layer, but alas, using this British-developed technology, I can see everything under your clothes, all the way to your pheromones.

Talking headline

You may ask yourself, where is my beautiful PowerPoint show? Or you can ask David Byrne.

Depeche modem

How often have you said to yourself, “Self, my laptop might be efficient and functional, but why can’t it match my alligator shoes?” Now it can.

Plane crazy

Jetsgo customers who lost their tickets when the airline tanked are selling items like crumpled luggage tags and Jetsgo smiley faces on eBay.

Sam is smart but doesn’t apply himself

While Canada’s own Auditor General has taken this country’s IT stewards to task for lax IT security, the U.S. is faring just as badly, according to a recent government report card.

I paid my taxes, check my file

IRS employees in the U.S. voluntarily provided login and password information to Treasury Department investigators posing as tech support.

Give generously, human

Here’s some news charity groups can really use: you get more out of people if you make a robot watch them.


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