Worse than piracy?

The courts couldn’t crush Kazaa, despite the RIAA’s claims the P2P network is used to pirate music and video. But Computer

Associates has now attached the dreaded “”spyware”” label to the file-sharing software, which is probably more damaging to its reputation.

Ooh! I want that … and that … and that …
Wired News

Got a geek who’s hard to buy for on your holiday shopping list? Check this list of boffin-friendly gifts sure to light up their faces, or at least drag them away from the monitor for a minute or two.

So Monet didn’t paint my black velvet Elvis?
Scientific American

Scientists can now detect forgeries of artwork by digitizing and scanning for textural “”fingerprints”” of artists. The technique can also be used to determine how many artists worked on a painting.

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The Register

Phishing attacks — scam e-mail purporting to be from legitimate businesses used to steal identity information — have become more potent by using automated tools and botnets to increase traffic. Is your PC unwittingly hosting a phishing attack?

Still, it’s no worse than those annoying ring tones
Yahoo! News

The new cellular plague? Exploding phones. Authorities in the U.S. received 83 reports of cell phones blowing up in the last two years. “”If you’re cramming more and more power in a small space, what you’re making is a small bomb,”” says one expert quoted in the story.

Finally confirmed — it’s all your fault
IT Analysis

Companies are fighting an uphill security battle, and much of the problem exists between chair and keyboard. “”Hackers are adept at finding vulnerabilities in human nature,”” notes analyst Fran Howarth. Social engineering, walk-in worms and more …

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