The sound of spreadsheets

If you thought the proliferation of online music services could only serve to drive down the price of legal downloading and thus increase

the potential number of people happy to pay for music, think again. Apparently, the record companies think if you’re willing to pay a buck for a song, you’d be willing to pay even more.

This could blow the case wide open
New Scientist

Until now you could count on your fingerprints being blown up with any bombs you’ve been involved in making. Not any more. Canada scientists have worked out a bomb disposal robot that dusts bombs for prints and takes high-res images of them.

Peek-a-boo with PDAs

What do adults do with high-tech devices and access to the Internet? They play hide-and-seek, of course. The game, called Uncle Roy All Around You, is led by a group of artists.

Look, up in the sky! Suspicious activity

Police and the British Aviation Authority are giving plane-spotters ID cards and a “”code of conduct”” to encourage them to report suspicious activity. Which will all work very well, probably, until the terrorists take up plane-spotting.

Gas pains

Here’s a stumper: How long would it take a gas station to track down people who stole “”free gas”” courtesy of a system glitch by swiping their driver’s licence?

Ring tone deaf

If you here this ring, don’t answer it. A German group called Super Smart has made the incredibly stupid decision to release their album as ring tones rather than on vinyl or CD.


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