IT Business Elsewhere: Gambling on the go

ITBusiness Elsewhere is a collection of unusual technology stories from around the globe

French law is “state-sponsored piracy”: Apple

Would you like some freedom fries with your iPod, sir?

Bugzilla breaks off engagement

If you’re going to cheat on your bridezilla to be, at least don’t get caught by a bugzilla

Hot ballin’ it in Nevada

Because you can’t already lose enough money in a casino, here’s a device that will help you lose more than Richard Simmons on speed — and now Nevada state law approves it

Island-dwellers reveal answer to productivity

Want to know what the real key to productivity is for the cubical-dwelling set? Find out how residents of a small, IT-free island manage and turn that knowledge into a desktop productivity tool.

The Internet pirate police are coming!
Rockford Register Star

Not only do you have to worry about illegal music downloads but apparently stealing wireless signals from other computers is also illegal.

The 300m hunger attack
The Register

Next time you walk over to the vending machine, instead of paying out of your own pocket, make up a fake invoice and get the customer to pay for it.

Robot etiquette
New Scientist

Instead of trying to solve pressing geopolitical conundrums, these folks are trying to come up with new euphemisms for malfunctioning robots. Great work guys.

Growing up digital

At least leftie children won’t get a rap on the knuckles for writing with the wrong hand. E-mails and text don’t discriminate.


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