Elsewhere is a collection of unusual technology stories from around the world

Dressing up for the pod-y

For Christmas, what do you get the person who seemingly has everything, now that they have an iPod? iPod attire, of course.

Secret Santa goes online

That Secret Santa stuff can be so exhausting. That’s why there’s a Web service that will take care of all the extensive work involved in drawing names from a hat.

Self-destructing text makes its way to mobile phones

Considering how long it can take to get through some e-mails on a cell phone screen, this idea, while cool in a Mission Impossible kinda way, might not be so practical in practice.

The War on Terror’s next target

What’s the biggest threat to Western civilization? Not Osama. It’s violent video games.

Coup d’hack
BBC News

There is no love lost between the Peruvians and the Chileans. Fortunately, at least for the moment, they are expressing their *affection* for each other online, by hacking into each other’s official Web sites.

Sports bra provides support and monitors heart

Why carry a heart rate monitor when you can wear one instead?

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