A thoughtful message

A quadriplegic man with a brain chip implant is now able to send e-mail and play computer games by merely thinking about it.

Spam in the can

To you it’s spam. To a British blogger, it’s museum material. “”Mr. Newton is so fond of unsolicited e-mail that he is actually afraid spam will eventually be eradicated and requires a museum to keep its memory alive,”” says the story.

Road rules

The Aussies have come up with an electronic driver’s assistant that detects road signs and warns drivers not to ignore them. Canadians call those spouses.

Stands to reason

If a man falls in the forest and no one is around to help, did he really fall? That question is now officially irrelevant, due to the invention of a “”memswear”” device, implanted in a shirt, which detects if the wearer has fallen over.

The sky’s not the limit

Now that the X Prize, awarded for private sector space travel, has officially been won by an American team, new prizes may be offered for advances in nanotechnology and alternative energy.

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