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Really multi-function printer
New Scientist

Can’t get out of the

office for lunch? No worries. Now you can print out your meal on an ink-jet.

Chip in your shoulder

Kids today. For some reason they find being used as guinea pigs to test RFID technology objectionable.

Has anybody seen my body?

At least these people won’t be able to object to the idea.
The Register

Maybe there’s a reason the U.K.’s government IT projects have gone so far off the rails: Tony Blair, head honcho of all things British, admits he has never even visited his government’s Web site.

Dutch treat

Busy parents in Holland can tell their kids to call a number for a read-aloud bed-time story, for about the equivalent of US$7 a call.

This device gets the finger<brCNN

A biometric instrument that can tell whether the user is a child or an adult by measuring bone density could be used to keep kids off questionable Web sites.


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