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But has anyone switched back to Bell?
Wired News

Apparently, those ads where

people talked about why they switched from PCs to Apple products worked so well that the filmmaker who produced them is applying the same concept to the U.S. presidential campaign. Guess who’s the PC? Hint: It’s not John Kerry.

Not to meantion Dick and Harry
Times of India

The whole idea of Web cams is creepy enough, but here’s another reason they should be avoided like the plague: according to this story, computers with Web cams attached could become infected with the so-called Peeping Tom virus.

All you need is broadband
BBC News

It’s not enough to bring couples together for this online dating service: now the company is focusing on keeping them together.””Using the Web site, couples will be able to go through a series of lessons designed to diagnose what is wrong, and right, with their relationship and then help them fix it,”” says the story.

But can it do Windows?
New Scientist

It sounds a little new-agey, but the science behind it is all no nonsense. According to the story, an algorithm named after a feng-shui talisman used to protect a home against evil spirits – which is also a technique originally used to analyze DNA sequences — is being used to ferret out spam.

I hear ya
The Sun Times

By now you should know how easy it is for that embarrassing e-mail to travel halfway around the world in a few seconds. This cautionary tale reminds us that even voice mails can be e-mailed. Note: Watch for falling expletives.

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