IT Business Elsewhere: Beer makes you smarter

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Barflys get smart
New Scientist

Anything associated with a beverage that kills brain cells couldn’t possibly be that clever, or could it? Researchers have developed a smart beer mat that orders another round so you don’t have to. Now, if only it would foot the bill…

Tongue tool unlocks secrets of ancient languages
Scientific American

Psycholinguists have developed a computer program that can help researchers identify languages over 10,000 years old. The database contains 125 “structural language features” to reveal historical connections between languages.

Is radio on the way out?
BBC News

If Guglielm Marconi were alive today and owned an iPod or another portable music device, what would he think of podcasting? U.K. radio stations are keeping a close eye on the growing demand for the next generation of radio where anyone can be a deejay.

Buggies: The latest tourist trap
Globe Technology

Now you can really look like a target, I mean tourist, tooling around the cobblestone streets of Europe in one of these high-tech buggies. Forget those embarrassing moments burying your face in a map, this sightseeing car comes equipped with a talking computer and GPS technology.

That’s gonna leave a mark
The Register

Itching to purchase the new iPod Nano? If you do, don’t plan on using it because once you take that protective cover off, you’re likely to scratch the display panel – as many new users have already found out.


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