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Who’s No. 1?

Oh, the lowly IT worker. So misunderstood. So underappreciated.

Stop whining! You actually get better treatment than many of your coworkers, according to this study.

That’s at least five blogs by the time you read this
BBC News

It’s one of the great tragedies of our time. A new blog is being created every second, according to this study. And yet we stand by, unwilling, or perhaps unable, to stop this scourge.

We prefer the term “Job free”
Yahoo! News

There’s a logical corollary to a Web site about getting hired. Yup, you guess it. This story is about one that posts the weirdest stories about getting fired. But beware – some might stretch the truth a bit.

Everywhere I go, kids wanna swap
MTV News

You zig, they zag. Give it up, recording industry. There will always be someone out there who can outsmart your every attempt at shutting down file sharing.

We hope you enjoyed your hack

If you’re smart – and not too deeply attached to things, like, say, ethics — and you know your way around a line of code, you may never have to pay those minibar and pay-per-view movie charges again.

Which is why the Internet is full of beholders
Yahoo! News

If you aren’t rich or beautiful enough to get accepted into real-world bastions of exclusivity, maybe you can PhotoShop yourself into being accepted on this site.

House of cards

Ah, the unbearable boringness of U.K. council meetings. That must be why a councillor was caught playing Solitaire on her laptop.

Now fat’s what I call a fitness program!
New York Times

Here’s an oxymoron. Students are taking gym classes over the Internet. And it works way better than the old way. No, really.

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