Your life on television
This Australian site offers a few tips for spotting whether or not you work in a real “Office.” By that I mean a facsimile of the British TV show popularized by Ricky Gervais. It has since been exported to other nations and repackaged by the locals – you’ve probably seen the U.S. one with Steve Carell in the boss role – including Australia.

If, for example, the height of joke-telling concludes with the phrase “That’s what she said” you might work in a real-life Office. Other signs include: over-use of jargon, meetings with ridiculously over-planned agendas and nepotism leading to unearned promotions. Come to think of it, if your workplace doesn’t resemble the Office, you probably work from home.
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There’s broadband then there’s wickedlyfatband
A 75-year-old Swede has what’s probably the fastest Internet connection in the world. Sigbritt Lothberg has a 40 gigabit per second fibreoptic connection giving her the ability to download movies in a matter of a few seconds. I must admit, I’m trying to fathom the reasoning behind this. Once you’ve downloaded every movie you’re ever likely to see if your lifetime (15 minutes), every song you’re going to hear (12 minutes) and every magazine article you’re likely to read (1.28 seconds), what then? I guess you could download the entire Library of Congress for fun, followed by every birth record from China.

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Research points to Flintstones accuracy
New research suggests that dinosaurs went through a slow period of ascendancy, living side by side with other prehistoric creatures for far longer than scientists had previously thought. As you may or may not know, dinosaur research is a hobby of mine, so I like to bring you updates whenever I come across them. In this case, I believe the research suggests it’s also possible that all those cheesy dinosaur movies from the 60s and 70s are historically accurate and Rachel Welch could have conceivably evaded a churlish triceratops while wearing a fur bikini.

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