From the Luxottica Group’s Oakley brand and Intel Corp. comes the latest piece of smart eyewear technology: Radar Pace, Oakley’s newest piece of wearable technology that includes a real voice-activated coaching system.

Radar Pace is the product of Oakley’s performance-centric design aesthetic and Intel’s experience-driven technology, becoming much more than just a pretty pair of glasses. Equipped with a virtual coach that can interpret data in real-time, provide personalized and actionable instruction and motivation during a workout, and hold athletes accountable to a structured training program. Like a human coach, Radar Pace creates a training program for athletes of all types. By providing feedback to the athlete through the eyewear, Radar Pace allows athletes to make adjustments in the workout on the fly without having to reach for a phone or watch.

The smart eyewear’s voice interaction, powered by Intel Real Speech, gives athletes the ability to ask questions, receive feedback, and improve their understanding of the performance metrics tracked by the eyewear and external sensors. With this in mind, Radar Pace isn’t just designed for the world-class athlete. It can provide coaching to athletes of all levels.

Through smart technology, external sensors, and the Radar Pace app, the eyewear collects and analyzes personal performance data in order to give athletes all the information needed to succeed. This includes: power output, heart rate, speed, cadence, time, pace, and distance. Radar Pace will even adjust performance goals in order to make up for missed workouts.

The Radar Pace is composed of the Oakley eyewear with integrated earbuds and microphone, and uses Oakley Prizm lens technology in the Prizm Road lens. This lens enhances detail by providing ultra-precise color tuning based on the environment, and brightens whites and enhances yellows, greens, and reds so runners and cyclists can see subtle changes in road texture and spot hazards easily.

Additionally, a Bluetooth audio headset allows athletes to place and receive calls and texts, and listen to music.


Radar Pace is available now at and select Oakley stores for $449 USD.

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