When was the last time you tried to type out a long e-mail to your co-workers or boss on your phone or tablet, silently cursing all the while as your fingers banged out typo after typo?

If you hate typing on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or Windows 8 tablet, you could be in luck with the myType Keyboard, a foldable, wireless Bluetooth keyboard that connects to mobile devices. Made out of silicone, the design folds up nicely and allows users to carry a full-sized keyboard that will fit as “an office in your pocket.”

To finance a mass production run of the myType Keyboard, Arizona-based creator Brunn Roysden launched a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of $10,000 and for backers, the promise of a keyboard as a perk. In about 44 hours, Roysden and his team reached their goal, and now, two weeks in, the campaign is at about 700 per cent of its goal. As of this writing, the myType Keyboard campaign has raised about $69,500 with about 16 days to go in its crowdfunding run.

Measuring in at 0.35 inches thick, the portable keyboard charges via micro USB and can run for about eight hours continuously, or for a few weeks of normal use.

To back the campaign and pick up your own keyboard, check out their campaign here.

And you can check out their video below:

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