iPad Mini will cannibalize 15-20 per cent of ‘original’ iPad sales: analysts

Two analysts have weighed in with a prediction that the iPad Mini will cannibalize Apple’s regular iPad sales.

According to our source story from NetworkWorld, Bill Choi of JanneyCapital Markets and Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray expect the smallertablet to cut into original iPad sales by 15 per cent and20 per cent, respectively.

That means consumers who buy the iPad Mini would have otherwise made up15 or 20 per cent of sales for the original iPad. Choi, however,optimistically suggests that since the iPad Mini will draw in brand newbuyers who haven’t previously picked up an iPad, the smallertabletwill result in a net gain of 5 million new iOS device users overall.

Choi believes the smaller device will find a lot of traction with womenand children in particular, while Munster says the lower price of thenew unit will prove attractive to users in education, retail and“emergingmarkets.”

Will the latest iPad version, seenhere,suffer a dip in sales after next week’s iPad Mini launch? 

So far the only (pretty) sure thing about the iPad Mini is that Applewill officially announce it next Tuesday, Oct. 23 – the company hassent out cryptic invitations to an event in San Jose forthat date.

The rest remains up in the air. Choi predicts the iPad Mini will bepriced between $299 and $399; Munster is betting on a cheaper range of$249to $299. Even the name is still up for speculation, with some callingit iPad Mini and others dubbing it iPad Air.

Source | NetworkWorld

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