iOS 5.1 hack in three simple steps

Editor’s note: The exploit described in this story and featured in the YouTube video has since been revealed as a fake. There is no security risk as described below. regrets the error.

The same time it released the new iPad, Apple also launched a new version of its mobile operating system the iOS 5.1.

Researchers, however, have discovered a serious security flaw which can allow a user to hack into the OS for the iPhone, iPod and iPad and gain full access to the device running iOS 5.1.

The blogsite 9to5Mac reports that gaining access is very simple.

Researcher Seth Weintraub said the problem stems from Apple’s move to replace the camera button button with a slider to allow users faster access to the camera for the iPad, iPhone and iPod.

“The problem is, Apple’s camera slider implementation has some security implications letting others get access to your locked device under certain circumstances,” Weintraub said in his post.

Graham Culey summarizes the procedure for the hack in three moves in his post in the Sophos Naked Security blog.
1) From your iPhone’s lock screen, open the camera app from the new “slider” that iOS 5.1 has introduced.
2) Now, click on the gallery icon in the bottom left hand corner (you normally use this in the photo app to view past pictures you have taken).
3) Click the Home button, and you’ll be returned to your main screen and have access to all of the apps and settings. Ouch.

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