Internet Explorer 10 released for Windows 7

Internet Explorer 10 is now available for Windows 7 PCs, Microsoft announced today.

Previously only available on Windows 8 and Windows RT, Internet Explorer (IE) 10 is far more focused on touch-screen interface than prior versions of the Web browser. What’s more, IE 9 users who don’t download the software will be automatically upgraded to the new version in the coming weeks via Windows Update.

Microsoft last led the browser share in 2008.

The move will see 700 million Windows users around the world gain access to the browser, Microsoft says. It will be available in 95 languages.

Microsoft says its new browser will load pages faster, better support modern Web standards such as HTML5 and CSS 3, and have improved security and privacy.

It used to be that Internet Explorer was the most dominant browser in the industry, but it hasn’t been on top in terms of browser share since 2008, according to statistics collected by W3Schools. In 2013, Internet Explorer had a 14.3 per cent share of browser usage, behind Chrome at 48.4 per cent and Firefox at 30.2 per cent.

A commercial Microsoft released to promote Internet Explorer 10.

Source | Windows blog


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