Inside look at how being an ‘extreme startup’ impacts family life

Yesterday the second Extreme Startup’s cohort launched at a demo day event in Toronto.

While the audience learned about the products and business models of the five tech startups, they didn’t learn that much about the people behind them. Committing to a three-month accelerator program like Extreme Startups requires long hours, a lot of energy, and doesn’t leave much time for personal life. Thanks to Fidelity Format, the documentary company that’s been following the startups during their incubation period to make Day Job, we have some telling insights into the sacrifices these entrepreneurs are making. Scroll down for these two videos.

Jayesh Parmar is the founder of Picatic and a member of the Extreme Startups cohort. He talks about family sacrifice when it comes to running a business.

Picatic founder Jayesh Parmar.

Jeremy Potvin is the founder of Shifthub. He’s also the father of two kids. But can you balance startup life with having a family?

Jeremy Potvin is the founder of Shifthub.

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