Infographic: How does Toronto stack up as an ICT hub?

What world-class cities come to mind when you think of the information and communications technology (ICT) hubs around the world? New York, San Francisco, and… Toronto?

If Toronto’s largest city doesn’t come to mind when you’re creating that mental list, maybe it should. It turns out when you compare Toronto to other North American cities on the number of ICT jobs and companies, we stack up pretty well. See for yourself in our infographic below, the second in a series leading up to our Technicity event with the City of Toronto on Nov. 22. See the first infographic here, looking at ICT in all of Canada.

Technicity – technology as an engine of economic growth

Based on data from the Technology in Toronto Region: Regional Innovation Cluster Report by the Toronto Region Research Alliance. Click to view a larger image. Graphic design by Anis Litim.

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