The Indian company specializes in financial and accounting services, said its CEO Arthur Flew, and is prepared to offer them to mid-market Canadian customers. “We said, ‘We have all this capability and processing expertise, so why don’t we take that overseas?,’” said Flew, from his office in India. “So we opened up a BPO business and spent a lot of time putting together the fundamentals and the infrastructure.”
The company originally targeted the U.S., U.K. and Australia as prime markets for expansion, said Flew, but recently added Canada to that list. “It’s a market we don’t know a lot about. I didn’t want to just blindly go in there. We ran into this company Sol-Core,” said Flew.
Sol-Core Inc., based in Toronto, will act as Karvy’s representative in Canada as a means to pursue leads and execute sales, and also as a third-party observer between client and provider.

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