Incubes reveals trio of startups for third cohort

Toronto-based Internet startup incubator Incubes has unveiled the third batch of young firms that will take part in its three-month program.

The firms have already been at Incubes’ new downtown location for two weeks, taking part in mentor training sessions and developing their products. The incubator graduated its second cohort of firms in September with a demo day at the TSX. Those four startups featured a social flavor, with companies adding a community experience to activities such as watching sports or promoting an event.

This group is a trio of startups with a different focus. One wants to help educational institutions be more playful, another wants to help volunteer organizations find great volunteers, and another wants to help organize online competitions.

A photo mosaic from Incubes shows some activity with its third cohort.

Here’s the startup descriptions from Incubes CEO Ben Zlotnick:

Fabspaces – “Making is learning”

Making is learning and fabrication spaces are the new classrooms. Our team of technologists and educators are creating web-based interactive video technology to enable Fabspaces Workshops all over the world through the web-based software we are developing. This is set to spawn a new generation of producers, makers, and problem-solvers. Our SaaS model enables this global shift in education by creating a marketplace for Educators and Makers to collaborate in creating engaging activity-based lessons; for schools, universities and even professional training institutions to enrich their educational programs with a high-dose of playful learning; for kids, parents, students and professionals to explore together the endless possibilities available to learn the skills they will need in the future.  

Web site:

L4NP – “Leaders for non-profit”

L4NP is a web app that provides training for high-quality volunteer talent, as well as matching skilled volunteers with charitable & non-profit organizations. Charities and non-profits rely on volunteers to fulfill mission-critical positions such as Board Members, Committee Chairs, and Fundraisers. These organizations expend considerable effort recruiting & retaining volunteer talent of all levels. Meanwhile many highly-skilled individuals are seeking personal development & network building opportunities that volunteering provides. L4NP provides a better way for organizations to find top-quality volunteers capable of undertaking important leadership roles, while volunteers benefit from L4NPs skills-development curriculum and web-based system for finding their best volunteering opportunities.

Web site:

TopThat – “Life’s a competition”

TopThat is a web-based app, allowing people and businesses to create multi-media competitions, and challenges. Competition managers have the ability to create pay-to-compete competitions.  Compete against friends and judge everyone. Create your own competition. Compete against your friends. Judge and be judged. Show off and win.

Web site:

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