In-car tech at the 2012 Canadian International Auto Show

It used to be that auto shows were about showcasing the inner workings of a car.

The engine that gives that satisfying hum, the steel-reinforced roll cage that made compact cars safe to drive, and the interior cabin fixtures that made a ride comfortable to drive. That stuff is still there, but recent auto shows have been shifting gears to focus more on the IT being installed into cars. Modern in-car technologies are quickly becoming a consumer focus, and an area for competition between manufacturers.

Likewise, the automotive space has pushed innovation trends in IT the last couple of years. When many jurisdictions passed laws banning drivers from holding their cell phones while behind the wheel, Bluetooth headsets became ubiquitous. Before iPhone 4S users were asking Siri where the nearest sushi restaurant was, Ford drivers asked the same question to their Sync system. 

Transparent Car


Tech preview of the 2012 Canadian International Auto Show

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