We might think of Ikea as the one-stop-shop for furniture, or that place that with the really good $1 hot dogs, but the DIY furniture company is now stepping into the tech world.

In a release earlier this week, the Swedish company’s Canadian division announced that it would be releasing Ikea’s line of Bluetooth speakers, which it calls Eneby.

Like many companies before it, Ikea may be trying to expand its range of products by embracing the technological era, and in its release the company does indeed call the speaker its “next venture into smart home technology.”

(In other news: Several Ikea websites outside of Canada do indeed have smart technology sections.)

“The speaker projects a clear, powerful sound and can be connected to your phone, computer or any other Bluetooth-enabled device, with the ability to sync up to eight devices,” said the release.

Ikea’s speaker line comes in two sizes and colours and are touted by the company as a “discrete [sic] and portable speaker.”

The 20-centimetre Eneby will retail for $59.99.

Source: IKEA

While the 30-metre Eneby will retail for $99.

Source: IKEA

According to the release, Eneby can also come with a battery pack for $20 and a stand for $10.

Now, we’ve all probably used some choice curse words while dealing with Ikea’s trademark knock-down, build-up furniture, and you could be forgiven for thinking if Eneby (anybody – get it?) is going to buy this product. But apparently the speakers seem to be getting positive reviews online.

Already available in the U.S. market, the Eneby speakers will become available across Canada on Aug. 1.

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