Fifteen years ago Computer Dealer News introduced the Resellers’ Choice Awards, surveying VARs across the nation about the best products and distributors they deal with. This year we included more categories than ever before.

Transcontinental IT Business Group, a division of Transcontinental

Media, began the data collection phase of our 15th Annual Resellers’ Choice Awards with an electronic survey in May. It included questions on 21 IT product categories and one about distributors.

Last year, CDN added its first software product to the survey; the 2004 edition the Awards program expanded it to three.

Resellers were asked to rate up to two suppliers according to six criteria for each of the product areas they were active in. The six criteria area were range, availability, pricing, quality, service and innovation.

Resellers were asked to rate distributors based on seven criteria: Range, availability, pricing, delivery, policy, service and innovation. Within each criteria voters rated their suppliers on a scale of one to five, where one was very poor and five was excellent.

Vendors had to get at least 10 votes to qualify.

Transcontinental IT Business Group sent electronic letters to a randomly selected group of 10,000 resellers in Canada asking for their participation in the 15th annual awards.

Please e-mail the editor with all comments about the awards at

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