How to run Windows applications on your Mac

People that buy an Apple Macintosh computer are making a deliberate choice to go Mac, but some may regret the wider world of Windows applications they leave behind, if not necessarily the Windows operating system itself.

Addressing that regret is the idea behind WinOnX. One of the Apple App Store’s top 10 best-selling productivity apps of all time, for $4.99 with WinOnX mac users can run Windows programs on their Apple OS X computer.

Scheduled to be released on Feb. 21st in version 1.5, WinOnX now boasts enhanced compatibility, encrypted data transfer improvements, improved 3D display with OS-X 10.7.5 and 10.8.2, better support for filenames with non-ASCII characters, improved handling of LNK Windows files and better error handling and reporting.

According to the app’s developers, with WinOnX 1.5 users will be able to run 80 percent of all Windows applications. And for those that won’t run, users will het detailed error information as well as possible fixes.


A WinOnX screenshot.

Source | WinOnX 


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