How to record a cell phone call

After months of searching, I’ve finally got a solution to record my cell phone conversations.

As a journalist, it’s only natural that I want to record many of my phone conversations for the record. I’ve been doing so using my landline phone for a long time, using a simple adapter that connects to my phone and provides a 3.5 mm audio output jack. I simply plug this into the microphone input on my laptop and use open source software Audacity to record my phone interviews and save them as mp3s. Its a tidy and convenient recording and storage system.

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But for the odd interview I conduct on my cell phone while on the road, I haven’t had any way to record my phone conversations. I looked endlessly for a splitter that would allow me to talk on a wired headset and send a seperate audio feed to my laptop, but it just didnt’ exist. Until now, thanks to a company called SimulTALK. This company makes myriad cables, splitters and dongles, including a cable that allows me to record my cell phone conversations.

It’s not perfect – I had to jostle it into a perfectly aligned position for my headset to work while recording with the device, but it does work. My prototype of the product only recorded one side of the conversation (my interview subject), but SimulTALK assures me the final product records both sides of the conversation. Watch the video to see how it works.

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