PowerCloud Systems has a way to turn a business offering free wireless access to clients into not just a way of generating goodwill, but also a way of generating business insight and even a return on investment.

The vendor, which focuses on cloud-powered networking solutions for businesses supporting connected mobile guests, has integrated application and analytics functionality from partners Cloud4Wi and Swarm into its CloudCommand Wi-Fi Platform. The solutions give CloudCommand operators access to advanced mobile marketing services and, according to the vendor, the ability to turn the Wi-Fi connectivity offered to customers into a platform for revenue-generating services.

“Providing Wi-Fi for customers is actually a revenue opportunity for businesses, as well as an opportunity for customer engagement, but many businesses continue to treat Wi-Fi as a cost burden,” said Jeff Abramowitz, CEO of PowerCloud Systems, in a statement. “By implementing a wireless network capable of delivering other mobile applications, not only are they meeting their customers’ needs, they can improve customer engagement and get real-time information about their business in exchange for providing this Internet access.”


For example, Cloud4Wi allows businesses to offer additional services over their hotspots, such as showing mobile customers a customized portal branded for the business, with specific apps as services, when they log into the hotspot.

“Cloud4Wi delivers a customizable and easy-to-manage Cloud Wi-Fi hotspot cloud solution that enables MSPs and other partners to offer much more than just Internet access. These companies can now deliver geo-based Web apps, business tools and active content to create value and monetize the Wi-Fi connection they’re providing to their guests,” said Andrea Calcagno, Cloud4Wi’s CEO, in a statement. “We’re excited to partner with PowerCloud because the flexibility and scalability of their platform makes it easy to manage multiple Wi-Fi networks, thus reducing TCO.

PowerCloud Systems has also integrated a presence API into the CloudCommand platform with Swarm Mobile, a retail analytics and customer engagement platform.

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