For marketers using HootSuite, there’s no shortage of apps to choose from when it comes to navigating the social media dashboard.

Enter one of its latest integrations – Resonance, an app by Texas-based startup MarketChorus Inc. As a social startup, it might be fair to expect the company to focus on metrics and reporting, but what sets it apart is its use of machine learning to analyze content. By studying the content people are sharing online, the idea is that Resonance can tell marketers about those individuals’ interests, giving them a better sense of what kind of content to tailor to them.

Marketers can also use the app to find people who are already interested in the products their companies are selling, or who are involved in that industry. If marketers find those kinds of people, the app can show details on how they react to content from not just their own products and brands, but also content from the competition. This makes it easier to generate leads and build out marketing campaigns, as well as for customer relationship management.

Resonance also allows marketers to find content, publish it, and track it based on topics that are currently trending.

So far, MarketChorus’ clients include Warner Bros. Entertainment, Flixster, Airbnb, and eBay.

“Resonance starts by analyzing millions of articles and the social interactions with that content to build a deep understanding of people,” said Larry Goldstein, CEO of MarketChorus, in a statement.

“Understanding people based on the content they read and share is a powerful capability that enables marketers to be data-driven and much more effective. From this unique approach, we deliver highly targeted leads, enabling marketers to spend where it can best impact their business.”

The app is available through the HootSuite App Directory, with “discounted pricing” available for new users. Marketers can learn more by checking out or Resonance’s entry on HootSuite. A free trial version is also available on the MarketChorus site.

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