If you were an Amazon Prime customer, July 16, 2018 was the “Boxing Day of July.”

If you were an online retailer that wasn’t Amazon? Not so much.

Amazon’s competitors made a greater effort to appeal to the company’s customers on its third annual Prime Day than usual, offering deals and incentives of all stripes to reap the benefits of Prime Day hype. Here’s a look at how Ebay, Best Buy, Staples and The Bay spent the day – or in some cases, preceding week – competing with Amazon’s sales.

Ebay launched ads offering deals with the promise of a no membership requirement.

The company also filled its website with sales on almost everything, including TVs, mobile devices and smart home technology that, a week before Prime Day on July 10, users could receive further discounts on by typing a special code.

On a similar note, The Bay and Staples websites also featured multiple-day sale promotions, with eye-catching visuals that, in The Bay’s case, even included a clock.

Source: thebay.com (click for a larger version)
Source: staples.ca (click for a larger version)

Best Buy’s American site offered a two day sale for online purchases, which as of this writing was scheduled to end on Tuesday July 17 at midnight.

Source: bestbuy.com (click for a larger version)

Best Buy Canada, meanwhile, launched a sale on a variety of Samsung products, scheduled to end on July 19.

Source: bestbuy.ca (click for a larger version)

If it’s any consolation to Amazon’s competitors, they had more than enough opportunity to entice Amazon’s customers – this year’s Prime Day, which began at 3 p.m. on Monday and is scheduled to conclude at midnight on Tuesday, was such as success that Amazon’s website crashed within the first five minutes.

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