If security is such a big issue, then why do organizations continue to treat it like an afterthought?

Joe Seanor, a senior consultant with Avaya’s Enterprise Security Group warns that while the topic of computer security may be receiving “”a lot of great coverage”” in the press, the biggest threats,

ones that attack large corporate enterprise networks, remain buried and nobody will ever hear about.

Seanor should know. Before joining Avaya, he spent time as a licensed private computer crime investigator.

His stark assessment. “”We are under attack,”” and warns threats such as cyber-terrorism will escalate. Yet too many companies are still in a fire-fighting, reactive mode rather than putting the issue in the forefront.

Another word of warning: While Microsoft gets most of the publicity when it comes to security violations, some major issues with Linux environments will soon come up.

Companies, Seanor argues, should treat security apart from all other IT issues, which includes “”segmenting it into a separate group entirely.””

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