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First up trending on LinkedIn: Longer videos are starting to get much more popular on Youtube. The video streaming platform is seeing a surge of videos extending past 15 minutes, and even hours in length. More people are spending time watching videos on their smartphone attributing for the change from watching shorter videos to longer ones. Now users are spending 54 per cent of time watching content for more than 20 minutes at a times.

Up next also on LinkedIn: There are a few companies in the U.K. that have decided to start implanting microchips into their employees in order to improve security. The U.K. firm BioTeq, a company that offers the implants, has already fitted 150 implants, and Sweden’s Biohax is in discussions with various companies to fit tiny chips into workers as well. The implants would be used to open doors, store data, and could improve security. U.K.’s national trade union federation, the Trades Union Congress, is absolutely not okay with this latest process and is worried that microchips will allow companies to control staff and micromanage.

Finally trending on Reddit: Do you guys remember when Kim Kardashian tweeted in June after having a conversation about having an edit feature with Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey? Well that function could become a reality. The social media’s CEO said in a town hall event held at the Indian Institute of Technology in Delhi that this type of feature was one of the most requested functions for years. He didn’t give any details on how the feature would work but said the following: : “We have been considering edit (button) for quite some time but have to do it the right way. We have to make sure that we are actually solving the predominant reason why people do it first and not make something that takes away from the public record, because I think it is really critical that we preserve it.”

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