Youtube finally talks about the Logan Paul controversy – on Youtube. Google launches a SnapChat competitor, but SnapChat is totally not worried. And Amazon announces corporate layoffs.

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Popular on Youtube, an interview the with the head of Youtube business, Robert Kyncl. Youtuber Casey Neistat plays host for this 20-minute interview. It doesn’t take long before the conversation turns to Logan Paul, and his controversial video featuring a suicide victim in Japan’s Aokigahara Forest. Listen to what Kyncl has to say about Youtube’s response.

Trending on Google search – Google has launched a competitor to SnapChat Discover. Called AMP stories, the feature allows publishers to create photo and video slideshows that appear in mobile search results and on their websites. So far SnapChat has been pretty cool about having some new competition. It pointed out that if publishers feel like they have have more places to use this type of content, they will have more incentive to create it. One trend that should worry Snapchat is that the top trending query on Google related to this trend in Canada is “how to delete Snapchat.”

From LinkedIn, Amazon is cutting hundreds of jobs. Reports say the technology firm is cutting staff from its Seattle headquarters and other corporate locations. Amazon is describing the layoffs as “headcount readjustments” that would be accompanied by “aggressive hiring in other places.” The changes could be as a part of an overall restructuring at Amazon, which as we all know, is getting ready to open up a second quarters somewhere in North America. Amazon is the second-largest corporate employer in the United States. And I hear it’s a great place to buy birthday presents.

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