Microsoft has a Surface Book problem, Amazon is making it easier for companies to use their data centres, and a neo-Nazi website is having trouble finding a new home.

On Monday Reddit users were drawing attention to a leaked memo from Microsoft indicating that the Surface Book had a 17 per cent return rate during the 90-day period after its launch in 2015, and maintained return rates above 10 per cent for six months. The memo was revealed by technology journalist Paul Thurrott one week after a Consumer Reports survey of 90,000 tablet and laptop owners found that roughly 25 percent of Surface Book owners had encountered issues within two years. Microsoft dismissed the Consumer Reports complaints, but as of press time had not commented on the memo.

Over on Google Trends, readers are apparently excited by Migration Hub, a new release from Amazon Web Services designed to help businesses track their data more easily – and more importantly, move it to Amazon’s servers as painlessly as possible. The service is connected to other AWS migration services, including the Application Discovery Service, Database Migration Service, and Server Migration Service.

Finally, Reddit users were saying better late than never after learning that GoDaddy had cancelled its domain hosting for neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer on Sunday. In the wake of Saturday’s white supremacist march in Charlottesville, Virginia, which the Stormer openly supported, protesters noted that the website violated GoDaddy’s terms of service, which prohibit the display of tasteless materials, images, products or services. It was not the first time GoDaddy had been called out for hosting the Stormer, but this time it worked: In a tweet Sunday, GoDaddy announced that the Stormer had 24 hours to find a new provider. On Monday the Stormer registered its domain with Google. But unlike GoDaddy, Google revoked its registration less than three hours later.

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