Microsoft makes a move that shows it’s serious about gaming. Apple’s release of iOS 11 has people talking about their favourite features and – well, measuring things.

From Google Trends, Microsoft is adding Phil Spencer to its senior leadership team. Spencer is the executive vice-president of gaming at Microsoft, so the move indicates Microsoft sees a strong future in gaming. Earlier this summer, Microsoft identified gaming as a core area of focus in a reorganization. Spencer is responsible for Microsoft’s Xbox gaming console and Microsoft Studios, its game development lab. Microsoft doesn’t release sales figures for its consoles. But according to research firm SuperData, Xbox One has shipped about half the units as Sony’s Playstation 4.

On Facebook, people are talking about Apple’s release of iOS 11. Available for iPhone and iPad, here’s a few new features you should know about: Do Not Disturb while driving will prevent notifications, calls, or texts from bothering you while you’re behind the wheel. If you’re in the passenger seat, you can turn it off from the Control Center. There’s now a Files app that shows you local files, and those from your iCloud, Box, and Dropbox accounts. Plus, Siri can now help you with translations from one language to another.

iOS 11 is also getting attention on Product Hunt. Specifically, a new app called AirMeasure that turns your iPhone or iPad into a powerful ruler. Using augmented reality, Air Measure can accurately measure the distance between two points in 3D space. A demo video shows off capabilities like measuring a person’s height, the area of a room, leveling paintings on a wall, or even placing a virtual chair in a room to see if it fits. Just don’t try to sit on it.

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