Microsoft admits that Android is the best OS; AI-powered robot hand solves Rubiks Cube; Study shows selfies are a tool for narcissists


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While previous smartphones released by Microsoft ran on its own operating system called Windows Mobile, its newest device dubbed the Surface Pro will be running on Android. Not only that, but Microsoft’s CPO, Panos Panay, surprised the world and said that Android is the best operating system for this device, and it is trending on Google. The CPO went on to say that Microsoft is trying to meet their customers where they are, and they are on Android.

For as long as AI has been a hot topic, people have wondered what sort of effect artificial intelligence could actually have on the physical world. Well now, according to a story trending on Google, the Dactyl robotic hand designed by OpenAI, has managed to solve a Rubiks Cube in under 4 minutes with just one hand. While the tech industry has struggled to achieve such goals in the past, the missing piece of the puzzle seemed to be reinforcement learning which is based on trial and error.

And last but not least, we have another story trending on Google. For those of you listening who love to post a good selfie, this story may rub you the wrong way. New research out of the University of Alberta indicates that a certain subset of narcissists find extreme validation from the posting of selfies and the subsequent approval from online users, thus making it the perfect tool for narcissists! So next time you go to post that fire selfie, ask yourself, does the world really need to see this or is this just to stroke my ego?

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