Malware infects 25 million Android devices through Asian app store, FCC leaks images of the Samsung Galaxy Note, Amazon spends $700 million to retrain workers.

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That’s all the news that’s trending today. It’s Monday, July 15th, and I’m your host, Tom Li.

Trending on Google, a malware has infected over 25 million Android devices. According to the security firm Check Point, a malware called “Agent Smith” has infected a number of apps on 9Apps, an app store that’s popular in Asia. Once installed, the app can compromise other apps and display ads out of context. Check Point says that the malware also tried to spread via the Google Play Store, but was unsuccessful as Google removed all infected apps.

Trending on Google, the FCC accidentally leaked pictures of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Samsung’s next superclass phone. Forbes reported that the FCC accidentally published photos of the phone as it was going through the certification process. If the images do indeed depict the actual product, then it looks like the Galaxy Note 10 will be losing its headphone jack. With that said, it seems like it will be getting a Time of Flight depth sensor, a feature previously reserved for the Galaxy S10 5G.

Lastly, trending on Reddit, Amazon is looking to spend $700 million to retrain a third of its workers. The new investment will prepare 100,000 of its U.S. employees for jobs that are likely to be in demand in 2025. The upskill program is looking transition non-technical workers into fields including machine learning, data science, and software engineering. Since robots are quickly overtaking warehouse positions, Amazon’s move to retrain workers alleviates some of the career concerns human workers have.

That’s all the tech news that’s trending right now. Hashtag Trending is a part of the ITWC Podcast network. Add us to your Alexa Flash Briefing or your Google Home daily briefing. I’m Tom Li, thanks for listening.

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