Google makes a big announcement at Open Source Summit, Product Hunt is launching a podcast (again), and 10 iPhone cases that go beyond protecting your device.

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Trending on Twitter is Open Source Summit, taking place this week in Vancouver. During yesterday’s keynote Google announced $9 million in credits to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. That money will be put towards developing Kubernetes, a container orchestration service that was developed by Google. The funding is important in Google’s giving up ownership of the open source project to the developer community. Kubernetes is one of the most popular open source projects in the world. And it’s used by more than half of Fortune 100 companies for developing applications. In the coming months, Google plans to transfer all project operations to the members of the developer community working on Kubernetes.

Trending on Product Hunt is Product Hunt Radio, a weekly podcast featuring the people behind the products on this online community. The podcast is actually returning after its original run ended in 2016. Host Ryan Hoover says that with podcasts continued growth, it’s the perfect time to come back. He points to the popularity of devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home as creating more opportunities for listeners to discover podcasts. A new feature for its relaunch, the show will have a community call-in feature.

Trending on Youtube, 10 iPhone cases with unexpected features. Dope or Nope features three dudes talking about some strange cases that do more than protect your phone. Among the cases features are a case with a built-in hairbrush and selfie mirror. Another case has an erasable whiteboard on the back. Then there’s my personal favourite, a case that looks like the Batmobile Tumbler from the movie Batman Begins. Listen to this:

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