Facebook rebranded its company; the classroom cellphone ban begins in Ontario; Google is staying silent on political ads

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Amid almost constant controversy, Facebook has decided to rebrand the logo and name of its parent company to further distinguish it from the Facebook social networking app, which is just one part of what the tech giant does. The rebrand, which is trending on the web, will see the traditional blue letter F logo that we know so well removed from the parent company, to be replaced by a logo that just simply says Facebook in all capital letters. The timing is interesting as there have been calls for the company to be broken up into various parts.

For some today may have been just like any other Monday. But for students in Ontario classrooms, today marks the first day of the cellphone ban, and it is trending on Twitter. The ban, which was delayed from its planned start date, will see students only allowed to use their cellphones during class time for educational purposes, medical reasons, or for special needs. While some schools in the province already implemented such a ban, this will set a provincial standard for all schools.

And last up we have a story trending on Reddit. A lot has been said about Facebook and Twitters opposing stances on political ads leading up to next years election in the US. But what about some of the other players in online advertisement, like Google? Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., makes over 80% of its revenue from advertising and it has been making a push to have its customers use Youtube for political ads. But yet, as the storm swirls around the other online ad giants, Google has yet to take a stance and seem happy to accept all the money that Twitter is missing out on.

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