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First up, trending on Reddit: The European Union has given Facebook an ultimatum to give better information on how the social media giant is using data. The European bloc of 28 has been in discussions with Facebook for two years now accusing Facebook of not complying with consumer protection rules. Issues surrounding how Facebook manages its data came after Cambridge Analytica, a firm that helped with U.S. President Donald Trump’s election campaign by collecting data from millions of Facebook users. European Commissioner for Justice Vera Jurova said it was very evident that people who use Facebook are not aware of how it uses personal data, how it works with apps, games, or quiz creators. The commissioner took to Twitter recently, saying: “I want #Facebook to be extremely clear to its users about how their service operates and makes money. Not many people know that #Facebook has made available their data to third parties or that for instance it holds full copyright about any picture or content you put on it.”

Also on Reddit: It looks like Amazon is sending out fake packages to try and catch drivers who are stealing. Business Insider reports that sources with knowledge of the practice suggest the company plants packages, referred to as dummy packages, in random trucks. These packages are often empty and have fake labels. Amazon responded by saying: “Checks and audits are part of overall quality programs and are administered at random.” When fake packages are scanned an error will pop up, which then requires the driver to call their supervisor or keep the package and return it to Amazon’s warehouse. It’s at this point when drivers could choose to steal the package.

Finally on Twitter: The latest iPhone XS has hit shelves in Singapore and Australia, and Apple fans there were the first in the world to get their hands on the new product. And, of course, the lines were crazy. Trending pictures on Twitter show customers with sleeping bags camping out overnight. The phone was announced at a special Apple event in San Francisco September 12. The new XS has a 5.8 inch super OLED display and its starting price is $1,379. That’s $200 more than last year’s already pricey iPhone X. So, be prepared, if you’re going to get this phone, expect long lines, anxious and excited customers, and maybe one or two really groggy individuals who slept overnight just to get their phone.

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