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The Canadian International Auto Show is still on, and it’s got exoskeletons. Facebook may be hit with a huge fine by the Federal Trade Commission. And Samsung is teasing a folding device at its Unpacked event this week.

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Trending on Google, the Canadian International Autoshow. It’s still on in Toronto all through this week. If you go, check out the Ford booth to see some cool tech. It’s showing off the EksoVest, an exoskeleton that helps workers lift heavy weights over their heads. It’s worn by some of the workers at the Oakville, Ont. Assembly Complex. Or you can try out Ford’s Sleep Suit, which simulates what it’s like to drive while suffering the effects of sleep deprivation. Tinted goggles reduce your vision, and weights hold down your arms, showing how dangerous it can be to drive if you’re drowsy.

Facebook might have to pay billions of dollars in fines to FTC for privacy violations from technology

Trending on Reddit, Facebook may be negotiating to pay a record-breaking fine to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission over privacy violations. The Washington Post reported on Friday that the fine will be a penalty for the Cambridge Analytica case, which involved the misuse of data for 87 million users, including many Canadians. The regulator has been investigating the case. Despite some bad press around privacy problems, Facebook’s financials haven’t been hurt. It reported $6.9 billion in profits in its most recent quarterly report to shareholders. We’ll likely see just how much they’ll have to pay this week, if the number didn’t already come out over the weekend.

Trending on Youtube, Samsung is set to unveil the latest model of the Samsung Galaxy S this week. Samsung Unpacked is happening on Wednesday in San Francisco. A teaser trailer with dramatic music shows text scrolling and wrapping around a folded surface. “The future unfolds” on February 20th, it promises. Obviously, Samsung is hinting at some sort of folding screen here. It’s been rumoured that it’s working on such a device for a while. If it does launch one, we expect it’ll be a different device from its flagship phone, the Galaxy S10, probably called the Galaxy Fold or simply the Galaxy F.

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