Apple will be paying a hefty sum for intentionally throttling iPhones, but its device production is slowly recovering in China. Also, Spotify launches an interesting couples subscription for two people.

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It’s all the tech news that’s popular right now. Welcome to Hashtag Trending! It’s Wednesday, March 4, and I’m your host, Alex Coop.

Apple will be paying $500 million to settle its iPhone throttling class-action lawsuit. Each owner of an affected iPhone will receive $25. The lawsuit, which has created a stir on Reddit once again, erupted in 2017 after iPhone users found out that iOS was limiting processor performance as the battery lost its capacity over time. By reducing the processor speed, the degraded battery would last longer at reduced performance. The problem was that Apple never publicly announced this tactic, leading many to believe that their phones were simply becoming obsolete.

More chatter on Google, this time about Foxconn – Apple’s iPhone manufacturer – saying that it would be back to full seasonal capacity by the end of the month after the coronavirus quarantine in China. China’s production is still recovering from dormancy, but Foxconn told investors Tuesday that it has already returned to 50 per cent of seasonal capacity. With that said, Foxconn noted that “some demands will be pushed out to later of this year.”

Trending on Google, Spotify has launched a new premium plan for couples in Canada. The new $13 plan sits in between the $10 individual plan and the $15 family plan. It saves a toonie for couples per month, but upgrading to the family plan allows six family members to share premium. As always, the only requirement is that all participants will need to be living at the same address. We’ll have to wait and see how well it will sell.

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