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Up first on Reddit, a New York-based computer repair technician says a recent order of Apple batteries were seized by Apple and the U.S. customs a few days after the CBC put out an investigation on Apple’s repair practices. That investigation revealed Apple had controversial business practices after allegations were made of overpriced repair charges. It also detailed the battery/slowdown scandal. Louis Rossmann, who participated in the CBC investigation, said in a YouTube video that a shipment of 20 Macbook batteries was seized a few days after The National did the segment. Rossman said the batteries, costing more than $1000 US, were legitimate but Apple markings on the batteries made them seem counterfeit. Rossman claims he has been ordering parts for years and this was the first time his products were seized. Rossman says he wants to fight the ruling.

Next up on LinkedIn, Spotify wants to disrupt the movie soundtrack album industry and plans to release the music to Jonah Hill’s new movie “Mid90s” as a playlist. Rather than an album that’s distributed by a label, Spotify consumers will be able to listen to the initial 15 songs from the movie, Spotify noted that more songs will be available soon. A report on the Wall Street Journal said no money changed hands, and it’s the latest example of how an album gives into forming a playlist and how people’s listening habits have changed.

Finally trending on Twitter, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook is calling on Bloomberg to retract a story that alleges that Chinese spies compromised a company server by using malicious microchips. That report said Chinese spies were able to hack into tech infrastructure that belonged to Apple and Amazon by injecting tiny microchips. It’s the first time that Cook has gone on the record to speak against the allegations. “This did not happen. There is no truth to this,” Cook said in an interview with Buzzfeed News. Shortly after the Bloomberg story was published, Apple released a statement denying the claims.

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