A California-based company plans to use 3D printing to create asteroid spacecrafts, Uber slides into the scooter business, and the FedEx Institute of Technology wants to create a blockchain platform for cancer medicine distribution.

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On Google Trends – Made in Space, the pioneers of off-world 3D printers based in California, want to use 3D printing technology to turn asteroids into autonomous spacecrafts. The company recently announced its plans to convert asteroids into spacecrafts, and explained it won’t have rocket engines or complex circuitry, and will instead rely heavily on relatively simple mechanical parts. This conversion would be used to be to fly the asteroids to a mining station in Earth or Space, to collect more resources for astronauts in need. The plan is part of the Reconstituting Asteroids into Mechanical Automata (RAMA) Project, which is funded by NASA’s Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program.

Trending on Linkedin – It seems like Uber just couldn’t resist. The company has announced a $335 million investment in San Mateo, California-based scooter startup Lime. Bloomberg reports that Uber also aims to include Lime scooter sharing to its app and add the Uber logo to Lime’s scooters. Other details of the partnership haven’t been finalized, but it’s clear Uber is aggressively pushing further into the urban transportation market. In April, Uber acquired elcetric bike sharing start Jump Bikes for $100 million.

And lastly, on Google Trends – The FedEx Institute of Technology is teaming up with the Memphis-based Good Shepherd Pharmacy to create a blockchain platform designed to help cancer patients get quicker access to medications. The new platform called REMEDI will be designed to retrieve unused medications from cancer patients and pass them onto economically disadvantaged patients who would otherwise not be able to regularly afford them.

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