The fastest growing jobs in Canada for 2020; injured Amazon workers are protesting the company; Apple warns users not to lose cleaning cloth

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The new year is almost upon us! And as we enter into 2020, many will want to know what job skills are in demand and what careers would be most fruitful to pursue. With that in mind, LinkedIn its Emerging Jobs Report for Canada, and it is trending. To likely nobody’s surprise, a few tech jobs ranked high on the list. Among those listed was artificial intelligence specialists, as well as specialists in the field of website reliability, data, and cybersecurity. Despite the leaning towards tech, the report did point out that LinkedIn by no means expects soft skill needs to die out though.

Last week a report surfaced outlining the extreme rates that Amazon employees were being injured, with many citing the company’s ruthless quotas as a primary reason for this. And now it seems some of those injured workers are taking a stand, and it is trending on Reddit. Along with some former warehouse workers who sustained injuries on the job, the Chicago based organization Warehouse Workers for Justice, took to the streets to protest in front of the company’s brick and mortar locations. One of the organizers with Warehouse Workers for Justice, Roberto Clack, says that the rate of these injuries will only increase with the holiday rush.

Some of the big news in the tech world yesterday was Apple unveiling its new Mac Pro with a whopping top price of $70,000 Canadian dollars, as well as a screen that will run you back another $7000. And now the internet is having a field day with Apple’s cleaning instructions for that screen, and it is trending on Google. The screen comes with an Apple-branded cleaning cloth and the company is warning users against using anything but that to clean their screen. At this point the company has not responded as to what consequences could occur when using another cloth or how much a replacement will cost.

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